Breathing in, Regrouping and Living Past Hope.'s ben a while.
But in's been a bitch of a last few months.|
Starting with the screening in Portland that I mentioned in my last post...that didn't go as well as I hoped.

On October 20th, my short GLENGARRY GLEN STYX was shown at the NW Film Center as part of a "Best of" program of films shown at the Klamath Independent Film Festival. I was looking forward to playing my short in front of a large audience. Turned out...not so much.


And then the election happened.
Again, Bummer.
And then I got diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.
The bummer hat trick.

So... I've been spending the last couple of months doing self care. Adjusting the diet, processing the new reality that we're living under (Which, I'm sure I don't need to remind you, is not normal.) And also focusing on stuff like this...

On Febuary 2nd of this year, Unify Oregon held a rally on the plaza in Ashland. This rally was called because of a rash of Nazi and White Supremacist leflets posted all over town.

So...I guess for the duration of this nightmare, I'm going to be an anti-fascist filmmaker.
So, I'm trying to will myself back into writing and getting a couple of new shorts in the can.
Also, I really need to update this blog more often. (And yes, not all of it will be nerdery.  Politics will be on the menu. Adjust your gag reflexes accordingly.)

So...apologies for the long radio silence. We will be ramping thing up around here. Pinkie swear.