SCREENING ANNOUCEMENT: Best of KIFF in Portland October 20, 2016.

GLENGARRY GLEN STYX is being screened at the Whitsell Auditorium in the Portland Art Museum in Portland, Oregon on October 20th as part of a Best of the Klamath Independent Film Festival Program. 
Here's the full program.

Bed in the Clouds
Piers Dennis and Max Miller, Ashland OR
runtime: 3:21

Sean Johnson, Klamath Falls OR
runtime: 6:43

Self Inflicted
Ross Williams, Talent OR
runtime: 9:20

Bruce Bayard, Ashland OR
runtime: 7:48

Impending Sale
Ray Robison, Medford OR
runtime: 3:31

Not a Bench
Mig Windows, Ashland OR
runtime: 15:08

Damn, What a Dame
Michelle Branch, Ashland OR
runtime: 2:54

Ryan Niemi, Klamath Falls OR
runtime: 3:17

Glengarry Glen Styx
Richard Jensen, Ashland OR
runtime: 9:43

The Land Between
Michelle Alvarado, Bend OR
runtime: 3:39

Bare the Sun
Jesse Widener, Klamath Falls OR
OR runtime: 14:38

Randy Granstrom, Medford OR
runtime: 7:20

David West, Medford OR
runtime: 14:29

Total runtime 1:41:51 + filmmaker Q&A

So, I will be there, rocking my Celtic Ray Filmworks shirt and my Non MRA-Fedora and I and a host of other filmmakers will submit ourselves to the tender lashings of your questions. Also I'm bringing the Canon 70D so you can expect at least one True-Life Adventure video to come out of this.

Follow the link for information and tickets! And I will see you there!

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