Yeah...I've been quiet...

I won't lie. It's been a combination of things.
The short I was going to make to enter into Fantastic Fest this year did not get made for a wide number of reasons. (Including a first draft that that spooked the crap out of one actor so badly that we lost them and I had to do a radical rewrite to eliminate the character. There is a long back story to this that I will share one day.  But not now.)
And also, the whole election has turned my brain in various times into various puddings of varying types of thickness. Right now I'm somewhat stable because Trump is losing ground post debate. Which means, the odds of me living long enough to make some new shorts have gone up.

But yeah. I need to pay more attention to this site.
Since now, we have some big things a coming.
Stay tuned.

Posted on September 29, 2016 and filed under Personal.