Additional Portland Video: MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING.

I was so busy making noise about returning to blogging about (Shudder.) politics, I forgot to include this.
Before heading up to Portland, my buddy Jake Merriman asked if I would be willing to shoot a scene that he and his acting partner had been working on for scene study. Given that I hadn't shot a narrative short for a while I thought it might be good practice. 
So Jake sends me the text for three possible scenes and I chose the Beatrice/Benedick scene from Act Four, Scene One from MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. And proceed to make a shot list.

We had budgeted for a four and a half hour shoot but we were able to get it done in about two hours because Jake and his scene partner, Ms. Sarah McGregor had their roles down so cold, I almost got frostbite through my camera. 
The initial edit was done in about a half hour and I dig my color grading and sound mix while taking the Coast Starlight back to my neck of the woods. The sound was a big bugaboo because we were shooting on Jake's deck but I think came out all right.
In the color grading, I bumped up the reds in the highlights (To bring out the red in Ms. McGregor's hair.) and the blues in the midtones (To bump up Jake's shirt and Ms. McGregor's dress.) and added a layer of 16mm_smooth film grain for texture. All in all, not a bad bit of post production jiggery pokery on my part.

Also, For what it's worth, I also had the pleasure to see Ms. McGregor as Yelena in a production of "Uncle Vanya" in nearby Newberg. And I came away with two impressions.
1) Sarah McGregor is a hell of good actress.
2) Holy crap! "Uncle Vanya" is way more apocalyptic then I remembered! Seriously, all of Dr. Astrov's speeches about the deforestation of the surrounding land put the squeeze on my heart like a son of a bitch. Seriously, It's like Chekov had a damn "CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER" time portal in his office and saw me reading fundraising E-Mails from the Sierra Club.
Terrific production but a clammy hand on the heart may not have been the best way to close out my vacation.

Thanks again to Jake and Ms. McGregor for letting me capture their fine work.

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