TRAVEL PLANS...with a twist...

I am going to be in Portland on the 23rd through the 27th. The official reason is some much needed R & R by way of hanging with my buddy, Jake Merriman and seeing some other friends who live up there.
But there's a secondary reason that may be worth your interest.
My film making out put has been fallow as of late. And although I've been working on some new scripts, none of them are to the point I can pull the trigger on them. And I need something to shove into the YouTube pipeline
So here's the plan.
I'm going to attempt to churn out a video a day while on my trip.
Not long ones. Probably between ten-fifteen minutes each. Each one covering some small segment of the trip.
And since I'm bringing the new MacBook Pro with me, I'm going to be shooting and editing these suckers on the fly. 
(I'm also going to shooting for Jake and a friend a small piece that they've been doing scene work on. That probably won't be posted to YouTube because of copyright issues but I can post it to my dormant Vimeo Page.) 
So I'm looking forward to bringing you guys a chunk of Portland with bits of laughter and geekiness along the way.