Portland, Donald Trump and a return to the Ramparts.

To make a plan is to invite God to laugh in your face.
This sounds like a famous quote of some sort. But damn me if I can't place the source.
But whatever the source or correct verbiage, the fact is that it sums up my current situation to a damn tee.

As most of you who been following me for a while might know, I used to blog pretty regularly about politics at my old place on the Internet. But I shut it down about seven months ago to focus full time on filmmaking. In that time, I launched a new YouTube Channel, had one of my pieces shown in Los Angeles and for the most part, was perfectly content to let others write about politics.
And write they did. DAILY KOS is still a going concern. Twitter friend Lance Mannion, is churning out intelligent posts on a regular basis. My twitter feed is jammed packed with people fighting the good fight.
They had this. I could focus on making my little shorts while waiting for someone to say, "Hey, this guy's pretty good. Wonder what he could do with more money and a real crew?"
And then the unthinkable happened.
Donald Trump in the space of seven months, went from being a semi-amusing sideshow to a Goddamn Existential Threat. And that jump in threat level just happened to coincide with me trading my blogging hat for a director's cap. 
As my friends will volunteer, it does not take that much to render me a tear stained ball of guilt.
(Sidebar. That last time I felt this guilty was after the 2000 "election" when George W. took the big chair and proceeded to turn the country into a 3000 mile wide tire fire.)
And clearly, this was on my mind as I headed off to Portland.

And the tag at the end where I name check Haskell Wexler and Studs Terkel isn't just me showing off my film nerd/progressive bonafides.  It's me admitting that it may be time for me to throw myself back into the fray. A prospect that wraps a cold and clammy hand around my heart. 
However, I'm not reopening "News from the Front". For better or worse, this is kind of my new home on the Internet so I make my stand here.
However, that doesn't mean I'm giving up on filmmaking. Hell, if anything, it means a further diversification of the stuff I make. 
Which means more doc stuff as well as the goofy stuff.
Good news for my audience. 
If not for my soul.

Posted on March 9, 2016 and filed under Filmmaking, Personal, Vacation, YouTube Channel.