Here's what's going on in my world right now.

Fans of "HEROES OF THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS" will be delighted to know that I'm collaborating with one of that short's starts, Michael Bingham on a new set of shorts for the YouTube channel. What's different about these shorts are that I didn't initiate these. Bing came up the original idea and wrote the first draft that I just finished re-writing. And after years of generating my own material myself, its a new experience working on someone's else's script. There were at least a half dozen times during the process I had to ask myself "Am I changing this because I actually think it's an improvement or just for the sake of having my fingerprints on it?". (And for those of you scoring along at home, Bing's first draft came in at three pages. So that's comes out to about two gut-checks per page.)
Fun fact: There was one gag in the script that Bing loved but was leaving me cold. But when I went into the rewrite, I realized that the issue wasn't the joke itself but the way it was executed. It was missing a beat that made the joke feel more plausible. And it was kind of fun to take a piece of writing and go under the hood as it were.
So hopefully, we'll be able start shooting in a couple of weeks. And we'll have one of them posted before my vacation in February.

Posted on January 30, 2016 and filed under Comedy, Filmmaking, YouTube Channel.