Re-breaking Radio Silence.

A month and a half.'s a kind of progress.
Some of it has been apartment stuff. (Squared away nicely now. Thank you very much.) Some of it health stuff. (Good news is I'm not dying.  Well, I AM dying but in the long term Sylvia Plath sense of the word. Not the speedy Ali McGraw "Love Story" sense.  
But mostly, I've been making this.

The first new short of the new YouTube era is up and once again, I am happy with it with an Asterisk.
 (The Asterisk being that given the fact that I am basically one-man banding these things, they are never going to be as polished as I like and I have to hope that strong writing and energy counteract the lack of professional sheen.) And I'm very happy with the work that Taylor, Mig and Scott did. Considering that once again, due to schedules, rehersals were not possible.
So far, the feed back has been excellent and I have sent it off to at least three film festivals. Iron Mule in New York City, Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas and the 42nd Filmmakers' Festival at the NorthWest Film Fourm in Portland, Or.
A quick note about that last one, I actually got an E-Mail from the NWFF asking if I'd consider entering "Glengarry Glen Styx" and any other shorts I might have in  my pocket. Hopfully this means I have at least one film festival in my future.
The down side is that the last couple of months have kicked the ever loving snot out of me and before I can get more stuff done, I need a time out.
For the next week, I'm going to be in Seattle and Portland, visiting friends, playing tourist, maybe  squeeze in a couple of films.
But mostly, recharging before the next round of shorts. If you're in the area and see me in my non MRE Fedora and my Celtic Ray Filmworks shirt. Give me a wave.
If not, I'll see you on the other side.