Los Angeles, ACME and The art of Hope.

Well, the L.A. thing happened.
And the results were mixed.

And I want to apologize for not posting this sooner. But honestly, I've been been spending the last week or so decompressing and trying to pull my head together. (Okay. Technically, I only spent a couple of days decompressing and trying to pull my head together. The rest of the time was playing FALLOUT 4 which to paraphrase Rick James, is a hell of a drug.) But now, I can give you the skinny on the trip.
Which as I said, was mixed.

I got into L.A. late Tuesday night and managed to snag a late dinner at a KFC near the Hotel. (Because my version of Wild Hollywood Excess involves swapping out chicken fat for heroin.)
The next day, Wednesday started with a nice breakfast at a Bistro which was quickly followed staying in my hotel room the entire day because that was the same day three people had the bright idea of shooting up a Government Office in nearby San Bernardino.
Needless to say, my natural curiosity about Los Angeles was tempered by my natural allergy to hot flying lead.
So I stayed in and did the touristy thing of jerking off to porn supplied by the Hotel's complementary Wi-Fi until it was time to get cleaned up and head off to the theater.
After finding the theater, I had a quick bite at the Amalfi Restaurant. And when I say Quick Bite, I mean the Chicken and Pesto Pizza which I thought would be a small, personal pizza but turned out to be large enough for two people. And since I didn't wan't to carry around a To Go box for the shank of the evening, I proceeded to eat the whole thing in one sitting.
It was Junior High all over again, minus the self loathing and Pepperoni.
Afterwards, I headed into the ACME Lobby where I met the director of ACME Film nights, Josh Paget.  (@JoshPagetComedy) And I'm happy to report that Mr. Paget could not have been more pleasant and congenial. We chatted for a few minutes about two other entries I had submitted for the summer series. GLENGARRY and POST-KILL QUIP. He hadn't seen GLENGARRY yet but seemed lukewarm on POST-KILL. (Which is understandable. While I think it's my strongest work from a pure filmmaking stand point, I'm more then willing to concede that the script does take it's sweet time getting to the meat of the funny.)
We then went in to the screening.
The good news is that the audience throughly enjoyed the short.
The bad news is that the audience was seven people.
Who were also filmmakers who had shorts

In retrospect, I should have expected it. First week in December in LA. Everyone would have been rushing to finish up projects before the holidays. Also, ACME had never done a Holiday Film night before and it probably flew under the radar.
But I'm not going to lie, it was something of a gut punch considering the time and expense it took getting down there.
But you know what?
It was worth it.
Josh Paget saw my short and deemed it worthy to be shown in public. That the public failed to show up is somewhat besides the point. It got shown.
And it got shown with a bunch of other shorts that were really funny. In fact, all of the other shorts were so funny, I started to wonder how I even got the slot in the first place.
And that is not a bad feeling to have.

Filmmaking is mostly about hope. You make the thing and you hope an audience shows up. And then you hope they like it and tell their friends " Hey, you have to see this."
Then you make another thing and then hope they show up again.
You do this enough times and if you're lucky, you can call it a career.
My thanks once again to Josh Paget and the good folks at ACME for the opportunity and I hope the next thing I make is something else you want to show.
In the meantime. Here's the YouTube Version of "Heroes". I hope you enjoy it.

SEEN AT THE ACME FILM NIGHT HOLIDAY EDITION. In a time when Christmas is under attack from Secularists everywhere, these heroes aren't letting the holiday go down without a fight! WRITTEN AND DIRECTED by Richard Jensen DAN DOOLITTLE...Richard Jensen TOM STODDARD...Michael Meyer STAN JOHNSON...Michael Bingham MUSIC..."Deck The Halls" Performed by The Morrison Players and Licensed through Audiosocket.