Year End Film Festival.

What follows is my entire output for 2015. Minus one or two little goofy things.

Our official trailer for the YouTube channel. And our third try after the first two were marred by me trying to be in front of the camera and then discovering in the edit that a number of shorts were out of focus because SOMEONE COULDN"T KEEP AN EYE ON THE COCKY DOODIE CAMERA! (Which was a shame because the scripts were actually pretty damn funny. I may post them at a later date.)
That's when I made the rule to not appear in these things myself.
(As we'll see later, that turned into more of a guideline then a rule.)
And we almost didn't get this one done when the actor we originally hired had to bow out at the last minute due to a family emergency. Thankfully, Derek Moody was able to jump in at short notice and help us out. By the by, Derek also hosts "The Church of Rock" on KSKQ 89.5 every Sunday at 7 pm. If you are in the Southern Oregon area and are a fan of the Rock and/or Roll music, you should check it out.
Also, I am challenging any DJ's out there to remix Michael Bingham's scat singing.
Seriously, the idea of someone dancing to "Cuff my Carrot" while whacked out on Molly just fills me with childlike glee.

This was the big one for the year. An eleven page script performed by three actors and shot in one six and a half hour day, not counting lunch. It was also, with a budget of $475, the most expensive short of the year. And at least from a pure filmmaking standpoint, the best thing I did this year.

One of my goofier ideas born from the realization that "Hey! I have an insect eye filter on Final Cut Pro!".  I entered this and "Post-Kill Quip" in the Klamath Film Festival and damn if this wasn't the one that got in.

Since the big outlay for "Post-Kill", I tried to scale back the rest of the shorts for the year while trying to build up a YouTube audience. This solo piece starring Michael Meyer has just enough autobiographical elements to be personally depressing.

Me violating my rule/guideline to save money while trying to keep product in the pipeline. And also my most nakedly autobiographical piece to date.
Seriously. Hamsters. Fuck em'!

While I thought Scott Ford did good work for us in these, I'm unsure if it's worth the psychic pain to write more of these.
Seriously, this campaign year may break me like a boy. 

All in all, not a bad year. Productive and Educational. And I got two public screenings.
The challenge for this year is to top it.

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