Shut it down and call this year a day.

(H/T to Nanci Griffith for inspiring the title. And for the love of Christ, if you don't believe that "Flyer" is the greatest "I've resigned myself to dying alone" album ever made, I don't even want to know you.)

2015 has been a transitional year for me.
I closed up the old blog to focus full time on filmmaking. I made some stuff. I had my stuff shown in two different public screening events. The Klamath Independent Film Festival and ACME Comedy Film Night. 
In short, a pretty good start.
If I'm feeling down right now, it's only because I'm having problems getting a new script finished for my next short.
Personally, I'm blaming winter. Specifically, the fact that I work nights and sleep during the day. And by the time I usually wake up, the sun has started to set, leaving me in a somewhat state of perpetual darkness.
Not exactly conducive to churning out the funny. If Neil Simon had lived in perpetual darkness, "The Odd Couple" would have ended with a murder/suicide.
(Also, to be completely honest, Fallout 4.)

So the goals this year are pretty clear cut.
And now I need to take a moment to make an annoying commercial announcement.
My being able to make more stuff takes money. 
To pay my actors. Care and Maintenance of my equipment. The occasional ad buys to get my YouTube view numbers up. As the man said, "No Bucks, No Buck Rogers". 
So if you like my stuff, there are two things you can do.
ONE: "Tales of the Geek Nation", my E-Book is still for sale. Feel free to check out that sample piece elsewhere on the site and then follow the sale links to the E-book merchant of your choice.
TWO: On the main page of the YouTube channel, you'll find a button labeled "Support this Channel" that will let you throw me money if you wish to throw it.
(Yeah, I'm well aware I'm sounding needy. But even micro-budgets are still budgets and the people I hire deserve to be paid for their efforts, even if it's token amounts.)
So, here's hoping that 2015 was good for you too and that your 2016 is even better.