Re-Re-Re breaking Radio Silence. (This shit is starting to get sad.)

I know. I know.
However, apologies are old hat at this point so I'm just going to plunge ahead.
First off, here's a Coming Soon Trailer for our future work.
And please keep in mind that I am exaggerating for comic effect..slightly

And this short little thing I did the day that Happy Birthday was freed from the shackles of copyright and declared Public Domain. (Keep in mind that I made this in five minutes on my iPad. SO GET OFF MY DICK, NERDS!)

Meanwhile, I've been busy writing some new short pieces that I will be shooting with Scott Ford (Mr. Scratch from "Glengarry" and The Adjudicator from "Post-Kill") on the 23rd and will hopefully be throwing up soon thereafter.
Meanwhile, I should hopefully start hearing from some Film Festivals starting this week and I'll I'm  have a better sense of my winter schedule. (Including writing a new full short.)
And on top of all that, I really need to get serious about feeding this blog on a regular basis. If for no other reason, to justify the ten dollars a month I'm shelling out to Squarespace for this site.
So hang in there, more stuff is coming. (And Goddamnit, I mean it this time!)