Filmmaking Update for September 8, 2014.

Okay, here's the skinny.
I'm starting in ernest this week on my next short. A tiny little three minute thing called "A few Minutes with Benjamin Franklin in the 21'st Century".  I have to get with Michael Meyer this week and go over the script and then get down to the OSF costume shop and get an estimate on rental. Then I have to find a second actor and then find a decent location.
And I have to deal with an issue invoking my new camera stabilizer which if I don't get resolved means I'm stuck with a $300 dollar door stop.
Don't ask.
The good news is that if all goes well, the short should be done in about two weeks. And this time, I'm dipping into my savings to pay my actors. Which means I can connect a tip jar to my video. I couldn't with "Glengarry" because I didn't pay my actors and I'm not an talent exploiting asshole.

So stay tuned, stuff is heading down the pike.

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