A brief meditation on Mel Brooks and Ridley Scott.

"The Producers", Mel Brooks first film is one of the most visually ugly films I've ever seen.
The film is overlit. The production design is garish. And as glorious a comic actor as Zero Mostel is, it must be noted that close-ups were never his friend.
And yet despite all these things, the film makes me cackle like a coke fiend everytime I see it. In spite of it's many visual faults, it's a tremendously funny comedy.
Ridley Scott as a filmmaker is a dazzling stylist who creates a new world for every film he makes. Every frame he shoots, as the old saw goes, could be blown up and hung in a museum. When it comes to painting with light, he is a master.
I have never laughed at any of Ridley Scott's movies.
Although, in fairness, I came dangerously close during parts of "Prometheus".   

So the lesson seems to be that when it comes to comedy, visual acuity is not entirely necessary. (It can be in the case of someone like Edgar Wright, very helpful.) But in some cases, the quality of the visuals may be secondary to the comedy.
The brief note comes courtesy of the realization that I spent two hours shooting my new short and failed to notice that I had screwed up my frame rate and shutter speed.
Now if you'll excuse me, I need to punch myself in the nuts for a few hours.

Posted on September 29, 2014 and filed under Movies, Filmmaking, Vimeo Page, Comedy.