FILMMAKING UPDATE: Logos and Tricornes.

This week I'm shooting a new short. It's called "A Few Moments with Benjamin Franklin in the 21st Century" and it's a wee little three page thing that still contains a number of firsts for me.
It's the first time, I've ever paid my actors. (It's a small fee but it's something.)
It's the first time I've ever shot a short with a full command of the capabilities of the Canon 70D. (I shot GGS a month after getting the camera and still hadn't gotten the hang of it.)
It will be the first time I've posted a short to Vimeo with a tip jar attached. So if you like the short and want to see me make more, you have the ability to encourage me finically.
And it will be the first short to have this little beauty on it.

Production Company Logo.

I managed to find a Logo making app at the App Store and managed to cook this up in ten minutes. For branding purposes, it seems more effective then a photo of me in a hat.

Another first this time is also renting a costume for a short. Thankfully, Ashland, Oregon is the home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and they have a costume shop that rents to local theater and film companies. And thankfully, I fall into the latter. (Stop snickering. I am so a production company. I have a LOGO FFS!)
So this afternoon, me and the actor playing B.F., Michael Meyer went down to the OSF Shop to get the costume.

The OSF Costume shop.

The OSF Costume shop.

Finding the right puffy shirt. (Not a Seinfeld reference.)

Good fit but we need to lose the tag. Too Minnie Pearl.

Almost there...

The finishing touch.

As it stands, we are scheduled for a Sunday late afternoon shoot. And I should have it posted on Vimeo late next week. (It would be sooner but the music issue is still in flux.) I hope you guys like it.

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