Klamath Independent Film Festival Q&A Video is up!

This year, "Glengarry Glen Styx" was selected for the 2nd Annual Klamath Independent Film Festival. We wound up taking third place. (Second Place was "Bare the Sun" by Jesse Widener and "Liberation" by David West.) After the screenings, the filmmakers were invited to participate in a Q&A moderated by Mr. Widener. Due to the length of the Q&A, I have edited it down to the questions I answered. My apologies to the other filmmakers and I have included your information in the closing credits. Also, on a personal note, yes I am aware of how I look in this. I either have to lose sixties pounds of gain eighty for "The Full Orson".

For what it's worth, the evening was good fun. My thanks to Michael Meyer and his lovely girlfriend, Lia Rose Dugal for the lift up to Klamath. (Which in retrospect I should not have attempted without Dramamine.) And for introducing me to the joys of Thai food. 
And the event itself was well managed with free pizza provided afterwards. (And after reviewing the footage, I know realize that having three slices may have been...ill advised.)
Anyway, thanks for inviting me up. Hope we can do this again next year.

Posted on August 30, 2014 and filed under Vimeo Page, Filmmaking.