TRAILER TANTRUM-Fifty Shades of Gray. (2015. Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson.)

Let me be upfront.  I am so not the target audience for this.
And before you start getting cranky with me and start saying "Well, you just don't like chick flicks", remember that this is based on a book that started out as BDSM laced "Twilight" fan fiction and shows a young college aged woman initiated into a submissive lifestyle by a handsome millionaire with a mink lined riding crop.
In short, the term "Chick Flick" is having the tensile strength of it's meaning severely tested by this trailer.
The trailer itself isn't awful. It sets up the characters, shows off all the glossy visuals that big studio money can buy and relegates the kinky stuff to the last seven seconds of the trailer so not to scare the straights too much.  Dakota Johnson seems to be doing her level best playing demure yet curious but Jamie Dornan just kind of put me off. Although, I suspect it's less him and more of the character's "I'm a fundraising bundler for Mitt Romney" vibe. It doesn't help that  while watching it, I kept hearing David Duchovny's voice narrating. (A no-prize to anyone who gets that reference.)
It reeks of phony soap opera and White Male privilege and I suspect that sexually repressed housewives will eat it up like it's "Mad Max: Fury Road".
Doesn't seem like it's worth a theater trip. But I may catch it when when it Netflix streaming.
You know...just out of intellectual curiosity...
Don't you judge me!

Posted on July 26, 2014 and filed under Movies.