"Glengarry Glen Styx: Redux" is going to be screened as part of LAUGH! RIOT, a new monthly Stand-Up/Short Film/Sing Along Comedy Show at the Naked City Brewery in Seattle, Wa, hosted by Derek Sheen and Ryan Casey. The show in question will be on June 14th. And one of the headliners will be Shane Torres.
This guy.

So already, I'm guessing this show is going to rock.

Tickets are on sale here.  I will be attending. I'll be the guy in the Non-Men's Rights Fedora and Sci-Five T-Shirt and my trusty Canon 70D to take it all in.  (Pending approval from Derek.)
So come on by! The company should be enjoyable and from what I hear, the beer is spectacular!


Posted on June 5, 2014 and filed under Filmmaking, Comedy, Public Screening.