-Hey kids! Remember when I said I was going to post a video of the LAUGH! RIOT show in Seattle where GLENGARRY GLEN STYX was screened?
Turns out...not so much.
It seems SOMEONE! (Points at self.) Did not properly plug in his Fancy-Schmancy new microphone in all the way and when I looked at the footage, all I could hear was a mocking hum.  
Yes, that eye roll you just did was deserved.
On the plus side, the footage looked great which means that shooting in Black and White is a viable option. Which means that as soon as the new script is written (And yes, I am writing a new script.) it will be in glorious monochrome.
So friendly reminder, even in failure, there can be successes.

-Also in related filmmaking news, I'm finally biting the bullet and upgrading to a Mac Pro. My current Mac Mini is a decent enough machine but I need something with a lot more power and the new machine seems to fit the bill. And the nice thing is that it's manufactured in the United States so I don't have to worry about hearing the screams of exploited Chinese workers in my dreams.
And yes, it is a big bite out of my budget. Thankfully, I'm in a place where I can afford it. However, if you'd like to help out with that. I do have a book you can buy called "Tales of the Geek Nation" that you can buy at most major E-Book sellers. 
(And yes, how dare I throw in a blatant commercial plug in the blog of THE BOOK'S OFFICIAL WEB SITE!)
I am on record as being on board with Johnson as a filmmaker. Not only does he have a killer eye but he has solid writing chops AND a gift for coaxing excellent performances from his actors. Both skill sets that would have come in real fucking handy during the prequel years. 
And it helps that like most filmmakers of my generation, he is a huge fan of the OT.
Exhibit A

H/T to Badass Digest for the video.
The only X-Factor to this is how much of a leash Disney is willing to give Johnson.  Based on the timing of the announcement, they were probably finalizing the deal when the Edgar Wright/Ant-Man shit storm hit. And given that Johnson has had a history of ambivalence towards big studio movies, I'm sure that was a concern that was raised in the room. The question becomes "Is Disney willing to trust Johnson enough to leave him be?" 
As the Zen Master once said, We'll see.

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