Well, I can report that the LAUGH! RIOT show in Seattle on the 14th cohosted by Derek Sheen went..okay...and that the trip as a whole was exceedingly pleasant. 
A discriptor that sadly could not be applied to getting there and getting back but more on that in a moment.
First off,  the show as a whole went alright. All the comics (Elicia Sanchez, Tyler Schnupp, JoAnn Schinderle and headliner, Shane Torres.) were solid and the other two shorts were fine.
The only problem was the audience.
They were, for the first half of the show, the half "Glengarry Glen Styx" played in, reseved in their reactions. 
In fairness, the show started at ten which is awfully late. And I'll lay you dollars to donuts, most of them had just come from big meals. (Seattle is a large city with a great many restaurants. And many of them have dinner menus that could make even the most finicky eater unhinge their jaws.) But I have to be honest, the relative silence was damnably unnerving.
Now Derek told me that he thought the short got the laughs in all the right places and he was by the stage facing the audience while I was in the back of the house. So he might have been in a better position to gauge the reaction.
But honestly, it felt like a gut punch.
And I'm not being arrogant or delusional by saying that I was expecting bigger laughs.  I was going by previous experience.   

If you watch the live reading that we did at Paschal the month before we shot, you can see that the material killed.
So right now, I'm working under the assumption that maybe the short I directed is nowhere as good as I thought it was. And believe me, I have a list of mistakes I made during the shoot and post. So I know where the seams are.
Now all my friends who have seen it says it's funny.  But then again, these are people who have a vested interest in my happiness.  I'm more then certain that when Ed Wood screened "Plan 9 from Outer Space" for his friends, they all said, "Fuck yeah, man. This is the GOODS!!". 
So, that's something I'm going to need to wrestle with over the next couple of months.
 (It should be noted that none of the above ramblings should be a reflection on Derek Sheen who was nice enough to include the short in the show. And hopefully, I can do better by him the next time around. Provided he's not turned off by me taking this sudden detour up my own ass.)
But other then that, the time in Seattle was well spent.  I stayed at the Belltown Inn which was very comfortable.  Both breakfast and lunch, (At CJ's Eatery and Belltown Cafe respectfuly.) were terrific. And not for nothing, the Corn Dogs at Naked City were damn tasty.  Using Andouille Sausage in place of hot dogs was a masterstroke. 
The getting there and back, not so great.
Because of my recent vacation in Disneyland, I was reluctant to go up because I didn't want to leave my job short handed.  Also, to take Amtrak, I'd have to have a friend drive me to the station in Klamath Falls and he had already done that on the aforementioned Disney trip. Plus coming back, I'd have to spend the night in KF and catch the shuttle the next morning, costing me an extra day.
So to save everyone around me the aggravation, I decided to take Greyhound. The station was in Medford and I could just take the shuttle up direct from work and then get back into town in time for my next scheduled shift and keep everything in my normal two days off. 
The down side was that it was the most uncomforable trip I've ever been on. The buses have no leg room to speak of. (At one point, I'm pretty sure I torqued out my knee in my sleep.) They have one restroom which looks like it should be filled in with cement by the CDC. There's no shelf on the back of the seats so there was no place to put my iPad so getting work done was out of the question. And the wi-fi, (Again, touted on the website.) was spotty at best and non-existent (For the return trip past Portland.) at worst.
And then there was the track suitted, fuck-faced asshole.
Said track suitted, fuck faced asshole not only played Loud Rap Music on his phone, the said track suitted, fuck faced asshole sang along while the bus driver apparently decided not to enforce the stated Greyhound rule of using your headphones.
Because the said track suitted, fuck faced asshole was young and muscluar while the bus driver was in his late fifties and looked like Wilford Brimley's stunt double. He probably made the calculation that it was more important to live to see his pension then enforce the rule. 
Honestly, I came this close to rounding up five or six more passangers and getting UNITED 93 on his ass. It would have been worth the aggrevation and possible legal action just to see the look on the track suitted, fuck faced asshole's face when he found himself kissing the side of the road.
Thankfully for him, I chose to listen to the Better Angels of my nature and just caught the shuttle in Central Point for the last leg.
So, new rule. No Greyhound. Next time, I take Amtrak and eat the extra day.
At least I won't have to wash it down with flagerent assholery.