2014 Year End Film Festival.

First off, here's the latest short, "THE HEROES OF THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS".

And yes, this is the last time I'm remaking one of my older shorts. Because honestly, at this point, even George Lucas is starting to give me dirty looks. A look at the front lines of The War On Christmas with three men determed not to let the secularists win! With Michael Meyer, Michael Bingham and the dulcet tones of Scott Ford. Music is "Deck the Halls" by The Morrison Players.

Honestly, I think this is on a filmmaking level, the best thing I've ever done. And yes, I know it's a remake but I honestly believe I managed to improve on the original in every single way, including my own performance. Although I have issues with it due to the lack of rehearsal time I gave myself, I was at least able to dump the pseudo-Paul Lynde voice since I was able to get Scott Ford to do the opening and closing Voice-Over. (And let me also go on record as saying that his line reading of "Hey Asshole! Pull up your pants" may be the best Christmas present ever!)

So to review, First we had "GLENGARRY GLEN STYX".

As the title implies, this is a remake of an earlier short that I made in...if memory serves...2007 when I had my YouTube channel. That version is way down on my Vimeo time line but the years and changes in technology have not been kind to the visual quality. For this new version shot with my Canon 70D, I went back and rewrote the original script, both to open it up and punch up some of the jokes. The whole thing was shot in a five hour period and I think the energy makes up for the lack of polish. (Although, honestly, I am working on the polish part for the next one.) And yes, this is my entry for this year's Ashland Independent Film Festival. Starring Michael Meyer and Scott Ford.

Yep. I opened the year with a remake and closed it with a remake.  And in the interim, I managed to squeeze out two original bits of writing.

What happens when an 18th Century Founding Father encounters the Internet of the 21st Century? The answer may surprise you. A new Comedy Short Written and Directed by Richard Jensen. With Michael Meyer and William Engel.

Santa cancels Christmas because...well...let's just say we kind of deserve it. Starring Jeb Livingston as Santa.

While I'm happy with both shorts. (Despite some color issues with "Franklin".) They do betray a  lack of ambition. This past year has been kind of a retrenchment. 
The good news is thanks to the showing of "Glengarry" at the Klamath Independent Film Festival and it's Third Place showing, I know I'm the right track. 
So most of January will be spent in writing mode, trying to generate new material. What that means for the blog...Don't know. As the Zen Master said, we'll see.
In the meantime, if you like the shorts, I have tip jars attached on all the videos (Except for "Glengarry" which was made before I started paying my actors.)
Also, buying my book will also help. The link to the sales page is just above in the masthead.
Again, hope you like the shorts and I wish you very Happy Holidays!
That's right, I said Happy Holidays! SUCK IT, O'REILLY!!!!!

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