My one big take away from the trailer. What kind of parent would send her kids to an island filled with actual dinosaurs all by themselves, without adult supervision?
Honestly, I've seen Nancy Grace sceam bloody murder for less.

For my birthday this year, I treated myself to the new Spielberg box set and I took the oppurtunity to revisit the first two Jurassic Park movies and I was pleased to see they both hold up reasonably well. (Although honestly, time has been far kinder to the practical Stan Winston dinos then the CGI ones.)  The first one in particular is actually better then I remember it. (I always felt that Spielberg was saving his strengh for "Schlinder's List" and that "Lost World" had stronger filmmaking muscle behind it because now that he finished the Nazi film, he could loosen up and swing.) And I contend that the Mr. DNA sequence in JP1 is one of the best Info Dumps in film history. A spiffy bit of writing by David Koepp.
So yeah, I'm curious to see what Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guarenteed.) has cooked up some 21 years after...really?
21 years?
Excuse me, I just had a "Holy Shit, I'm Old", moment. 

First off, it looks like like someone finally managed to make the Theme Park a reality and the trailer does a nice job selling that. (And having the the giant water dino eat a shark feels like a nice in joke at Spielberg's expense.) I also like the fact that it look like we now have a genetically modified Dino that's running around causing havoc for the "We should not have tampered in God's domain" portion of the run time.
And I am delighted to see that Chris Pratt's transition from sitcom goofball to the 21st century's answer to Harrison Ford is proceeding on schedule. For a guy who just a couple of years earlier was best known for tripping over furniture on "Parks and Recreation" he's really taking to this leading man like...that watery dinosaur we saw earlier takes to water. (I'm sorry, I don't know what kind of dinosaur it was. My nerdery has it's limits.)
So the actors look comitted to their roles. The CGI dinos look much improved. from '93 and the parts that should be scary look scary. Color me intrigued.
And may I take a moment to offer a modest proposal for the next sequel.
For "Safety Not Guarenteed", Trevorrow used Aubry Plaza.  For this film, he's using Chris Pratt. So clearly, he's a "Parks and Recreation" fan.
So clearly, the next logical step for the sequel is Nick Offerman.
And the step after that should be dropping "Jurassic" from the title and just call it "Ron Swanson's Fighting Dinosaurs!".
I promise, you will out gross "Avatar". 
You will out gross ALL THE AVATARS!! 

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