Sorry, I seemed to have dozed off...

Honestly, I didn't mean to take that much time between posts. 
But between some personal issues, a new short script that's still kind of kicking my ass and the midterms about which I won't go into here know...wrong blog, productivity been piss poor.
It doesn't help that I tend to get in a head space where I start feeling guily about not posting and that blocks me up worse. And then I feel more guilty and get more blocked. then more guilty...then more blocked...
And then I have to pound out a post like this, half apology, half blatant attempt to break the cycle by just slapping together a bunch of words. 
For what it's worth, it was a common problem at the old blog.
I'll try to keep it to a bare minimum on this one.

Posted on November 16, 2014 and filed under Personal.