FILMMAKING UPDATE-October 9, 2014.

You know, I was prepared to make to with what I had.
I looked at the footage and while I wasn't happy with the results, I was prepared to suck it up and use it. I thought to myself, "Seventy-five dollars for the actors plus another forty for the meal. Not to mention another twenty for dry cleaning the costume. Do you really want to double that expense for a silly three minute comedy short that ends with a cheap pussy joke?".
Then I cut it together.
And I looked at the cut.
And I said to myself and said "Yes, I need to double the expense for a silly comedy short that ends with a cheap pussy joke because I need to make this an awesomely silly comedy short that ends with a cheap but well executed pussy joke!".
It was that moment I had an inkling that this was probably the same feeling Lucas had when he decided to do the special editions.
Needless to say, I will never bitch about the Special Editions ever again.
 (Except for the moment in "New Hope" where Greedo shoots first because I'm sorry but just the concept that one of Jabba's top button men could miss a target THAT close...that's just fucking retarded!)

We're reshooting the short tonight at the Bellview Grange tonight. We will be avoiding the sound issues we had at Lithia Park and this time, I will go over EVERY GODDAMN CAMERA SETTING AT LEAST TWO GODDAMN TIMES SO I DON'T SHOOT AT THE WRONG GODDAMN FRAME RATE!!!!
Sorry, didn't mean to blog shout.
It's just been that kind of a week.
But I should have an inital cut by tomorrow morning and lord willing and if the creek don't rise, it should be posted by Wednesday.
I hope.

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