TRAILER TANTRUM: A Million Ways to Die in the West. (2014. Directed by Seth McFarlane.)

I am not the world's biggest Seth McFarlane fan.
I burned out on "Family Guy' years ago.  Never really got into "American Dad". And the pilot for "Dads" just made me sad as Martin Mull tried to sell a lot of bad jokes like they were the Glengarry leads. (The less said about The Oscars, the better.)
Yet despite all that, I found the Red Band trailer to "AMWTD", surprisingly funny.

You got the making of a great running gag about how easy it is to die on the frontier. (Although, time will tell whether McFarlane beats it into the ground.) You've got Sarah Silverman as a hooker explaining the mechanics of pleasuring a john with a very particular fetish. You've got gleeful vulgarity and anachronist dialogue that proves that at some point in his life, McFarlane did see "Blazing Saddles".  And you've got a supporting cast that seems game for whatever McFarlane can throw at them. (Bonus points to Charlize Theron for cultivating a drier than Vermouth delivery that contrasts well with the insanity around her..)
So okay, my interest is peaked.
But I swear, at the first sign of a manatee generated joke, I'm out the door.


Posted on February 1, 2014 and filed under Comedy, Movies.