Filmmaking update.

Yeah, this blog's been quiet.
Part of it been focusing on the other blog. Part of it was trying to to plan for my vacation in October. (Which when very well, thank you very much.) And part of it was me just being a damn lazybones. (A terrible habit that I'm trying to break.)
But I am breaking the silence to let you know that I'm in the process of making a short film of a revised version of one of the pieces from "TOTGN" called "Glengarry Glen Styx". If that title sounds familiar, it because an earlier version of it exists on my Vimeo page.   It was shot about five or six years ago and given the the equipment I had and my skill set at the time, it didn't  turn out too badly.
But it was conceived as a funny web video at a time when web videos were becoming a thing.  And now this new version is meant to be entered in the Ashland Independent Film Festival. The deadline for which is December 13.
Needless to say, I'm cutting it awfully thin.
But I'm reasonably confident we can pull it off. I have two good actors, a new camera kit and most importantly, a solid script.

The above video was shot at The Paschel winery last month.  The script was performed as part of an evening of short pieces red in front of an audience. As you can tell, the reaction was solid.
So, with a battle tested script in hand and a song in my heart, (Which should be noted is "Nearer Thy God To Me".) I once again prepare to dance with Mother Cinema.
Boy, I just hope she doesn't dip.


Posted on November 5, 2013 and filed under Movies, Filmmaking, Comedy, Vimeo Page.